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Are you looking to add the fun factor to your party or event?
Are you looking to bring focus to an advertising or branding campaign?
Are you looking for a unique experience for your wedding?

Whatever you are looking for here at VisualHire we have the memorable experience waiting for you.
We cover the South East offering Bopping Heads, PhotoBooths and LED screen hire walls upto 4 meters wide, we can even combine options. We tailor your needs and offer custom packages to suit all budgets. 

Bigscreen Hire: For those events requiring branding or advertising awareness, or Wedding focal points for speeches, presentations and videos.

Bopping Heads Hire: Latest craze from America. uses green screen technology to superimpose your heads onto bodies dancing to music.

PhotoBooth Hire: Very versatile from standard photos to video messaging and green screen technology.

With over 20 years experience of customer related projects behind us, our team will handle your enquiry with absolute professionalism guaranteed.

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Bopping Heads

Bopping Heads

Bopping Heads

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